Sunday, December 6, 2009


No picture, yet, but I have to brag on one of our local high school's FFA. BHS sold Christmas trees this year. We took the kids down this weekend to check them out and they had the cutest little "shack" set up with trees. They had lambs out w/ felt reindeer antlers on them and sold hot cocoa. You know I'm such a sucker for anything quaint or "hometowny" (yes, I know that's not a real word.) I have to brag on them (and will post pics later,) but this is one of the prettiest trees we ever gotten. They had pre-cut the branches that stick out all crazy and they loaded it on the car for us. Thanks so much BHS! Great job!

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The Howard 5 said...

They hav done an awesome job! Terri is just so creative! I must have missed you b/c I was there all morning until we had to go to a shower at 2! my kids think it is the best thing ever just to hang out up there all the time!
I know FFA appreciates it and thank for you supporting our kids!