Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twinkle, twinkle little star

When I was about 8, we moved to what I thought was the "country." Living just down from the high school, I thought 5 miles out of the city limits was country living. Ha! Anyway, once we got out of the "city lights", my dad would set up the telescope and show me the moon and the stars. I would look at the moon forever. Funny how much humility you can find on a cold, clear night with a sky full of stars. Makes you feel very small and in awe of the universe. We would get up for meteor showers as I grew older. And after I moved out of the house, my dad would always call me when there was going to be a meteor shower. R and I have gotten up to watch showers before. We even went to a big dam one year when we lived in Nashville to watch a huge shower. Tonight, is probably the biggest meteor shower of the year. The Geminids. This should be a great show (if there aren't too many clouds) because they shoot slowly and should be around 100 an hour. While I love having R to watch them with, the little girl in me will always wish my dad was standing beside me.

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Kendra said...

You are blessed with a wonderful Daddy and I am praying for him.