Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't People Just Say Anything These Days --Take 2

Apparently, I posted the title to this, but never the story. All you moms know how crazy it is! Anyway, here is the story behind the title.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just had to sigh and shake your head because CLEARLY people have no idea how they sound when they comment on you? Well, I had one of those days not too long ago.

A lady at work asked me if I'm having twins and when I responded, "Nope, it's just one!" she replied with, "Are you sure?" As Stephanie Tanner would say, "How rude!"

Then, a FIRST GRADER commented on my hair (which I had just cut off the day before) by telling me that it was "kind of fluffy" and that she liked it better the other way!

Last, but not least, my wonderful hubby, that same night, asked if I've ever tried putting V05 on my hair to smooth it down. You know, like the girls on those commercials? When I told him that, in fact, I had, he had the nerve to ask if I did it correctly?!?

I'm seriously developing a complex about weight and hair!!! Anyway, I apologize ahead of time to anyone that I might ever make a remark to or have made a remark to, that in any way hurt(s) your feelings or makes you feel bad :) Sorry!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Name

My blog name may be changing soon. I'm thinking, "My Three Sons." Yep, looks like we're having another boy. This week's doctor's appointment involved a screening that uses ultrasound. The ultrasound tech asked if we were planning on finding out and what I had at home already. When I asked her if she could tell anything yet, she responded with, "I think you're going to be surrounded by boys!" While we know she can't be 100% sure this early (I'm only 12 weeks,) she seemed pretty confident in her prediction. But, don't worry, I'm not buying anymore blue just yet! If you have a better blog name idea, please share!