Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Week Full of Prayer

This has been a week full of emotion and frequent praying. As Wednesday came around, I found myself fearing the surgical process of having a baby, anxious to meet him, and prayerful that he would be healthy. It was a scary process with some difficulties, but we made it through. As soon as I met him, I fell in love. He is beautiful.
That night, though, I received the heartbreaking news about Lucy. I just sat in my hospital bed crying for my friends.
Thursday night brought another round of fear with tornado sirens going off and the hospital making us get in the bathrooms - btw, not easy after c-section. I worried about my children at home and about this new little one and my friends. But, like so many of life's little storms, we made it through.
This week, you'll find two bows at my house. The blue one to celebrate the life of my own child and the pink/purple one to celebrate and pray for the life of a friend's child. I pray that God will bless all of our families with health and healing.


Amy said...

such a sweet post Christi! This put a smile on my face, but a tear in my eye. Congratualtions on your little love. He is perfect and I can't WAIT to hold him again.

Stephanie said...

I tried to call you the other day....I know how busy you must be and completely understand! I want to come see you guys soon! I am really missing you guys! I call you one day this week. Congrats! I love you guys! He is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations!! He is beautiful!!! Hope you all are doing well.

Kendra said...

He is so perfect...can't wait to meet him!!!

Laura Dawson said...

I think E and P both put their mark on their baby brother (maybe E more than P:)...I know it has been tough on you celebrating H while struggling for Lucy. I have thought of you a lot. I will be there to see him soon!