Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top Ten

Recently, a preggo friend of mine posted "50 Facts About My Pregnancy" and it was hilarious. We've all thought what you said and much of it has happened to most of us.

People do BOLDLY tell you they don't like the names you've picked out (then why did you ask me!?) This may not have happened, yet, but random strangers WILL come and touch your stomach ----if you don't even know my name, you probably shouldn't be touching my body!!!

As I was thinking of all those funny things and how my children are now, I decided to add my own list............ This one is called "The Top Ten Things I Said I'd Never Do." Now, many of you excellent mothers are much more disciplined than I and you will think I'm insane, but my number one rule of motherhood is "do what works for you!"

10. My children will not run around with a snotty nose like other kids (hey, snot happens.)

9. My children will not take a pacifier (until I discover it reduces the rate of SIDS and makes him stop crying.)

8. My children will not eat junk food (until you're worried he's too skinny and you feed him whatever he will eat.)

7. I will not plan over-the-top, ultra-competitive birthday parties (WHATEVER!)

6. My children will be on a strict naptime/bedtime schedule (unless I have class, work, trip, etc.)

5. I will teach and read to my children all the time (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse also does a pretty good job and reading 4 out of 7 nights seems like pretty good odds.)

4. My child will NOT fall off the bed --what is wrong with people!?! (at least not the first one....)

3. My children will wear the cutest, most expensive clothes (seriously, was I planning on getting another job?)

2. My children will not sleep with me (all I can say is I get sleep this way.)

and the number one thing I said my kids would never do........

1. My children will never throw a "fit" lin the middle of Walmart (Target, Stockdales, the list goes on and on!)
If you enjoyed/empathized/sympathized or want to add to this list, post it!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Remember when............

Does anyone else remember it being this difficult to build a snowman as a child? Maybe it was because my daddy was the one doing all the work, too! Everyone is saying that it's been 41 years since we've seen this much snow. Back in '68 --- I wasn't even born, yet. Maybe another reason I don't remember it being this hard was that I wasn't trying to do it in 3 feet of snow (or so it felt like!)
E did a LOT of supervising as Daddy rolled and rolled that snow into one decent looking snowman. I had elaborate plans myself of putting a Callaway golf hat on it and a golf club in his hand, but was completely exhausted by the time I put that carrot on! He got a cowboy hat, some blue lollipop eyes, and milk duds for a mouth. R says the dog ran off with the carrot as soon as I walked in. Poor snowman. Oh, well. He wouldn't have had that mouth long anyway.