Monday, June 29, 2009

We're Back!!!

Where's Phil when you need him?!? This is the only picture of all 4 of us together at the beach and E is making a funny face. Phil is always so good at getting my kids to smile and look natural. I can't imagine why the perfect stranger that took this for us didn't have any bubbles or fun toys!

Anyway, I enjoyed reading everyone's posts this week while my kids napped and wanted to make sure I posted some pics from our trip.

What I miss most about the beach? The absolute freedom of no schedules, the seafood, and no mosquitos!

What I love most about being home? Sleeping in my own bed, not having to take 3 showers a day to get the sand off each time we came in, and being back with family and friends!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not-so-friendly visitor

My dog hates storms, so we typically put her in the garage when we know one is coming. Well, of course we raise the door about a foot to keep it well ventilated. I ran out to my car and stumbled upon this visitor that decided to also seek sheltor in the comforts of a garage. Guess the hole that he dug (that I blamed on the poor dog) was flooding. Now, the dog was scared of the armadillo, so she was hiding in the storage room in the garage! R had a tough time getting that little thing out of the garage. They are similar to a cat in that they make a hissing sound and jump much higher than I would have imagined when "shooed" with a broom. Sorry, fella, but there's only room for one pet around here and you had to go.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Somebody should have warned me!

Yes, this is my 2 year old jumping off a box, imitating Spiderman. Why didn't anyone warn me of the #2 child?
#1 follows my directions. #2 tells me "no" with his arms crossed and mouth pouting.
#1 brings me things I need. #2 hides my shoes.
#1 uses the potty. #2 puts things in it.
#1 is friendly to all. #2 pretends to shoot those he doesn't know.
#1 is afraid of heights. #2 doesn't believe in the laws of gravity!
Whew! #2 is a handful, but how could I not adore all his mischieviousness when he thinks I hung the moon? #1 sometimes prefers his Daddy. #2 is a momma's boy. #1 doesn't always want to kiss me. #2 would kiss me a million times. I can tell you that I was definitely surprised about #2 coming along so quickly, but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!