Saturday, June 6, 2009

Somebody should have warned me!

Yes, this is my 2 year old jumping off a box, imitating Spiderman. Why didn't anyone warn me of the #2 child?
#1 follows my directions. #2 tells me "no" with his arms crossed and mouth pouting.
#1 brings me things I need. #2 hides my shoes.
#1 uses the potty. #2 puts things in it.
#1 is friendly to all. #2 pretends to shoot those he doesn't know.
#1 is afraid of heights. #2 doesn't believe in the laws of gravity!
Whew! #2 is a handful, but how could I not adore all his mischieviousness when he thinks I hung the moon? #1 sometimes prefers his Daddy. #2 is a momma's boy. #1 doesn't always want to kiss me. #2 would kiss me a million times. I can tell you that I was definitely surprised about #2 coming along so quickly, but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!


Allison said...

I may be in major trouble when we decide to have #2 because my 1st tells me "NO MAMA" all the time and is BUSY as a bee!

nicole said...

Oh, sweet #2! I can completely identify with your #2 cause my #2 does the same things. Makes life interesting, though!

Kendra said...

I love it! Maybe your next creative venture could be hand-painted "house helmets!"

~lillie~ said...

I love this post! I'm still learning my #2 but it seems like he is just like yours. in so many ways they are total opposites and i love them more for it!

Georgia said...

So basically you are saying I need to prepare myself. My Addie is so your number #1 child. You have me a bit worried.