Friday, July 12, 2013

NOLA -part 2

We decided to take the kids to the Insectarium.  It was both cool & gross!  They had a kitchen area with chefs that cook bugs (specially grown for this) & educate on the nutrition they can provide -yuck!  The guys got to try Chocolate Chirp Cookies (crickets baked in) & cinnamon-sugar meal worms.  I bought an adorable royal icing dragonfly cookie (no bugs for me & H!)


Thursday, July 11, 2013


Let me preface this post by saying this....I love the beach. I love the smell of the ocean, the seafood, the sand. I love the time spent without schedule. There is no "next" activity. It's simple. WEll, this year, we didn't get to go to the beach :( My consolation prize was New Orleans (because R had to go on business and asked us to tag along.) I decided to make the most of it. I like to expose my children to lots of different foods, cultures, experiences and NOLA definitely has that, right? 

 First Stop - Audubon Aquarium

It's Been Awhile.........

Okay, so I realize my last blog post was July..... 2 years ago. And, I'm okay with that. My hiatus turned into a lengthier absence than I originally intended, but life with 3 boys has been BUSY! Between a husband that travels, E's traveling ball, work, and life in general, I have felt swamped. BUT, I miss cataloging the funny sayings, the pics, my thoughts and feelings, so....I'm back!