Sunday, September 5, 2010

Safari --Tennessee Style

Some friends told us about the drive-thru "safari" in Alamo, TN and we decided to give it a try this weekend. We had so much fun! The animals come right up to your car and you can feed them with feed bought at the entrance. Some were a little too close for comfort for me! An ostrich thought some interior parts near the steering wheel looked edible and he kept popping his head in the window. An over-eager bull that Ryan nick-named "Leroy" was a messy eater and had his whole head in the window, but other than that most were timid eaters. At the end, you can park and go up to the petting zoo where you can feed goats, a giraffe, camels and see monkeys and macaws. And, as always, there's a gift shop! If your interested in going, see there website and check for 1/2 price days.

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