Sunday, July 19, 2009

How long is a long time?

Okay, so it feels like a lifetime to me since I posted about being on my diet for officially a week now. I'm only at the 11 day mark :( The weekends are the hardest because we tend to go so much. It's just so much easier to grab something while you're out and there's just not much healthy fast food. On the up side, I do feel like I'm gaining more self-control. The less sugary foods I eat, the less I seem to crave them. I even saw a good friend of mine on a date with her husband and she ordered chocolate cake. While the cake looked beautiful (as did the eater -- ever notice how cake looks prettier when a slim, attractive person is eating it?) I actually did not feel too much of a desire for it. I think I would have even been able to refuse it if a piece had been set in front of me -- I think.

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Kendra said...

I'm so proud of your will power. Mine is obviously profoundly lacking. That chocolate cake sure was yummy!!