Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Day at the Park

I dragged R on another of my "family outings" the other night. I thought it would be fun to pack a picnic basket (a.k.a. sandwhiches & cookies from Naifeh's deli) and take the boys to the park. They had a blast! R decided it wasn't so bad, either. Moms really are the glue of a family. I look at my friends and think of all the little things we do for our children and our spouses. It's the little things that sometimes matter the most :)


Laura Dawson said...

It's ashamed that those little things really only matter to us mommies and wives (I think my kids and husband are more content with less than I am I think!)

Amy said...

I would love to tag along in a few months. We can't play, of course, but would definitley like to watch and participate :) It will nice and cool by then and I could use a break.