Saturday, February 7, 2009

Couldn't Resist!

I was looking through some old pics and couldn't resist posting this! This was E's 2nd Halloween (he was only a few weeks old on his first!) Have you ever seen a "Yoda" cuter than this one?!? I, actually, look forward to the time when my boys are old enough to watch and love "Starwars" like their Daddy. How funny that this would be a goal of mine?
As I reflect on the years that have so quickly gone by and look forward to many more "first times," I remind myself to live in the moment. Not to dwell on the past and wish for the future, but to cherish each and every day.


nicole said...

Only Ethan could make Yoda CUTE! Time flies, huh?

Amy said...

Oh I could just eat my little man up! He makes me melt!

Kendra said...

Maybe Sebastian will share the love of Star Wars with our guys too...I caught Donald drooling over the Star Wars bedding in the PB Kids catalog. Ha!