Monday, November 10, 2008

Cold Turkey

First, let me begin with a joke.
Why can't you take a turkey with you to church?
Because of his FOWL language! He, he.
The cold weather kept us in today, so I decided we'd make a craft. You would think as a former school teacher, crafts would be second nature to me, but I really don't do them with my own children because they are such a pain at school. Making 25 of anything is a pain. And, generally, at least half of the work is done by you. Anyway, I have to promise myself I will take on the challenge (and the mess) and do it more often because my kids LOVE it.

I decided that lack of Thanksgiving decor and lack of funds would inspire our idea, so I spray-painted an old canvas that I had and did the "hand print" thing. I snagged up a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote off the internet and stuck that baby on the kitchen wall. It's whimsical enough and I dated their handprints. As you can see, the little one decided to smear his first handprint. Oh well, that just means it's authentic! I think we'll make turkeys out of toilet paper rolls next ---just kidding!


nicole said...

too cute!

Amy said...

Meme needs a handprint turkey!!

Kendra said...

Adorable! I may have to steal your idea. :)

Kress Smith said...

So Cute:)

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