Wednesday, February 9, 2011

38 Week Update

Today, I'm officially 38 weeks. I also have a terrible cold and we have more snow. I snapped a couple of pics from the door since I just can't make it out there between being sick and my huge stomach!
As I watched the boys play on the fort, I think about the new man about to come into my life. I've been getting excited about having a baby again (it's been almost 4 years!) and wondering who this little man will be. But, as the date approaches and the inevitability of another C-section creeps into my thoughts, I begin to get a little scared. Funny how things seem "everyday" and more minor when it's happening to someone else :)
Doctor update: I decided (a while back) to push my delivery all the way to my due date in hopes of some sort of spontaneity. Maybe my water would break and I would get that excitement of rushing to the hospital that you see on so many movies! What was I thinking?!? I could be doing this next week! Now, I haven't done ANYTHING and it seems that my little one is sideways (can only be delivered via C-sect.) I told Doc that I would just go ahead and take the next week delivery date, but it's too late now. They're all booked up. Looks like I've got to stick it out two more weeks.

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Laura Dawson said...

I hope you get your wish and feel a few contractions!! ...but just a few