Thursday, June 10, 2010


Child rearing has made me very aware of all the "firsts" that occur and how memorable they will be ---and that everything needs to be caught on camera! There was that first coo, then first steps, first time at the beach (tear), first year to play t-ball, etc, etc. I do have to say, though, that my small mind sometimes envisions something so perfect and special that I am often let down. Why do I do this to myself? I just can't help it!!! But, don't you think that's part of our jobs, as mothers, to try to make everything special?
Here is our most recent first.....the boys first time fishing. There was a local fishing rodeo this past weekend & every time we passed, the boys begged to go. Daddy was helping on a project most of the day and promised to take them Monday. Well, as is usually the case at my house, we are trying to squeeze too many things into not enough time. After R worked all day, mowed the lawn, and took E to the ballfield (yes, we had a game, too.) P and I packed a wonderful cooler picnic for the night's dinner at the pond. All seemed right in my mind, until I got to the ballfield. E was coming out crying that he wasn't going to get to go fishing & Daddy was mad because E cried when he didn't get the ball. Aarrgh! I hate walking into that!
Well, we FINALLY made it to the pond. No time to eat the picnic while you continuously bait crickets. Oh, well. Every one (except me) left happy. And, I got over it. Especially, when I looked at my pics the next day :)

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Elizabeth said...

Aww! I think you are too hard on yourself, just look at how much fun they are having. You are doing a great job!