Tuesday, April 13, 2010

P's Post

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break and P's surgery. I'm hoping that one day I'll look back at this post and be glad we made the decision we did. P had a frenulectomy. He was what is known as "tongue-tied." The frenulum (skin that attaches your tongue to the base of your mouth) was too tight. It causes individuals to be unable to clear out the back of their mouths, sometimes speech problems, inability to lick an ice cream cone like most do, etc. It makes the tongue appear heart-shaped. It's just one of those funny hereditary anomalies :) What was surprising is that the more I started talking about it, the more people started telling me they or their child had it. I didn't realize how common it is.

Anyway, so we decided to clip it. R told him he was going to get a magic tongue at the doctor. Okay, that would have scared me! But, he was so brave. He went back without even crying (shocker!) They said that once they got him back, he began to whimper a little, but went under quickly. They came to take us back to see him. Many of you know the temperment of a child coming off anesthesia and it's not pretty! He wanted to know where his balloon was! I thought he was loopy, but the anesthesiologist had him "blowing up the balloon" that is attached to the gas mask. When I asked him about what happened after that, he told me he smelled orange juice! Again, I thought "loopy," but we were told the gas was fruit punch flavored! That's one good memory!

I was so impressed and grateful to the staff that took care of him. Our ENT prayed with us before the surgery, the anesthesiologist talked to him and joked with him, and the nurses just loved on him :) I was a little nervous on Sunday about it all, but after meeting with all the staff, I felt much better. No tears!


Kate said...

I am so proud of that little man! I prayed for you guys and I hope there is a speedy recovery!

Brandi Mignard said...

Wow -It is more common than I ever knew. I have a girlfriend who's husband's side of the family says it is very common in boys more so than girls. Several boys in his family have it but none of the girls.
So glad it's all over with and everything is fine
Now he can say he's had surgery before - you know how cool that it for kids :)

Elizabeth said...

Hope everyone is recovering well, including yourself:) I know I would have been a wreck! Poor thing, but at least it is over with! Our thoughts are with you and wish for a fast recovery!