Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here's a quickie post to explain the pics below. I ran out of time (kids calling me) to get an explaination out with the pics. Just wanted to show off my "homemade" goodies from R's family. The top pic is a really cool idea that my sis-in-law did. There's a website where you can put in your pics and it blows them up and divides them out and you print them on your own computer. She put it on foam board and I hung them with tacky-stuff so that I could position them as I wanted. I thought this was really cool :) My other sis-in-law made these cute little ornaments with my kids' pictures on them. My bro-in-law made his yummy pickles and tomato juice from his garden. The best part is seeing what others come up with each year!


Kendra said...

Very the homemade gifts-especially the photo collage!

Brandi Mignard said...

I think you should bring a BUNCH of these goodies to be "taste tested" (Yea, that's what we can call it) by the After School teachers at TCA! yum!