Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smooshi, anyone?

Just had to post this! E and I were having one of his typical, inquisitive conversations where I'm forced to explain "how and why." I thought it was so funny (could be my skewed sense of humor these days) that I wanted to share. Here's how it went:

E: When is dinner going to be ready?
Me: As soon as it's finished cooking.
E: In the oven?
Me: Yes.
E: What's an oven do?
Me: Cook things.
E: How? (I knew that was coming!)
Me: It gets really hot and cooks it.
E: How?
Me: (Like I know!) Well, it gets electricity from our house to run and the heating elements heat up and make the food hot. (Please don't ask me to explain further!)
E: Hummm.....we don't eat raw food.
Me: No, we don't. Well, except sometimes Daddy does when he eats sushi. You know, like he gets when we go eat Chinese noodles?
E: Yes. Daddy likes smooshi. It's his favorite!

I thought it was so appropriately re-named!


Kendra said...

Cute! I love inquiring minds.

nicole said...

Cute! "Smooshi" :-)