Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bunny Cookies

Here's a pic of the Easter cookies I made for my niece and her class. Of course I quickly agreed to make these b/c I just love my sister-in-law and her children so much, but didn't realize the amount of time I would spend. Whew! In the end, I think it was all worth it when I saw the expression on their faces. I can always count on my sister-in-law to praise any of my "creations." Thanks Su, for always being so supportive! Love ya!


Susan said...

Love you,too! We did love the cookies. ML was so PROUD of the cookies her aunt Christi made for her! Also, I love the canisters pictured above. A set just like that can be my "homemade" Christmas gift this year! HA!

Elizabeth said...

Cute cookies!! You did a great job!