Monday, December 8, 2008


Panic has just set in as I looked at the Freckled Frog sight and saw the flash banner at the top! I am fully aware that it is December, but it's still somewhere around the first, right? Didn't I just eat turkey and dressing last week? Still plenty of time to get presents and decorate my house for Christmas? I'm sure that the banner flashing 16 DAYS 'till Christmas has got to be wrong!!! That's barely two weeks! Santa's gonna need some coffee!


~lillie~ said...

i know!! i haven't even started on the outside of the house. i promised kyle lights this year. i was coming home tonght from work and i have a picture in my mind of how cute it will look- but who has time to do it? i need an assistant!

Elizabeth said...

This is how I feel too! Where has the time gone?!?! Hopefully, you will get some relief on your list! Merry Christmas