Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So long SUCKER!

We finally lost our beloved "pappy" this week. I didn't think we would use one before we had children, but after reading how pacifiers helped prevent SIDS, I stuck that thing in his mouth right after he was born. In fact, there was one on the cart at the hospital! We put it to good use, too. It's been my friend in so many help stop tears, to help him go to sleep, to help me get some quiet time in the car:) But, alas, it's time we said farewell.

I had planned on us giving it to the baby monkey at the zoo this summer, but that never happened. My next plan was to leave it for the baby reindeer this Christmas, but fate took over. After searching and searching for it Monday night, I just had to send him to bed without it. I think I worried about it more than he did. While I'm glad that he's finally given it up, I'm a little sad that we are moving on to a different stage and he's not a baby anymore. Next thing I know, he won't kiss me in pubic. Agghh! I think growing up is just as hard for parents as it is for kids.


kate said...

Was this E or
P? Either way, I know it was hard. Did that this summer :(

Allison said...

I am in that process myself... I have mixed feelings as you did... It is another step of "growing up" that makes me sad!!! But, I know it must be done! Good luck with it!

~~Kerri~~ said...

I only had one child that took a passy. Mikel Ann our baby. She held tight to a passy and blanket, niether of the others had done that. Well, with all of that said, wehn we moved 3 1/2 years ago into our new house, we lost it!!!!! She never cried, she never even asked. Althought I had one hid for safe keeping and emergency she did great. New room, new bed, big girl. She is now 7 and still sleeps with her blanket but I can handle that. My sister still does at 32!!!!
It will be okay momma--- They are growing up

~lillie~ said...

i know that it was harder for me than it was for kyle to say good bye to his. poor chase didn't really like his that much but i was determined that he would take to it and now i am sorry he has!

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