Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road Trip

As our children are getting older, we are braving up to more and more trips. We decided (against R) to go to the beach this summer. It was great. The boys loved it.

Recently, some friends of ours invited us to go with their family to Branson for a few days. I was a little unsure of sharing a condo with another family and how the boys would behave with other children staying with us, but it worked out wonderfully! I almost think every trip from now on should be with other couples and their kids. We did things with the kids all day and then, after dinner each night, we'd settle all the kids in one room and put a movie on and stay up and play cards. It was nice to have adult time while the kids entertained each other.

Well, let me just tell you, in Branson, they do things a little bit differently. This picture is my baby with, yes, a WHOLE chicken on his plate. We went to the Dixie Stampede, which for those of you like me that have no idea what this is, it's a dinner show. We were on the front row of the South side (of course) and apparently the Civil War is fought over and over again here. The horses were so close to us that dirt was actually slung in my lap a couple of times. Now, I know what you're thinking, this doesn't sound like my "cup of tea." But, I will admit, I enjoyed it. As silly and over-the-top as it was, my kids were in awe. There was singing and dancing and they got to see all the animals (horses, ostriches, pigs, and cattle) up close. The food is a set meal. Everyone gets a bowl of soup (that I swear is gravy,) a whole chicken, a piece of pork tenderloin, a half of a potato, a piece of corn-on-the-cob, and an apple turnover. The drinks, oh yeah, in the mason jars and there is no silverware. You eat everything with your hands. Don't you know the kids were thinking this is how it should always be. It was just hilarious to see that big 'ol chicken in front of my little feller --- oops, I'm falling back into that Branson slang!


Susan said...

I love the Dixie Stampede! We went and everything was great until Cade Carter got an allergic reaction to the horses....Something I'll always remember! Sounds like yall all had fun!

Sarah said...

sounds like fun! that big chicken on his plate cracked me up!!!