Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween costume + bounce house + cupcakes + friends = fun!

I learned an important lesson this weekend. You don't have to go all out, crazy-planner-lady to have a fun party. Sure, it helps if you invite people more than, say, 5 days ahead of the party, but that's another lesson.
My firstborn will soon turn 4 (shedding a tear) and time just wasn't on my side this year. As I type this, I should be studying for a difficult test tomorrow, but it can wait another 5 minutes. Anyway, I typically put forth lots of effort to plan a cool themed birthday party with lots of details. While you may never have noticed these details in the past, trust me, there was lots of compulsive analyzing going on in my mind. Well, what can I say? My baby was just put on the back burner this year.
Ultra-quick, ultra-cheesey photo invites were sent out the week of a party that was booked at the last minute b/c it was the only weekend available. No goody bags were made, no cake was ordered. Only homemade cupcakes, Domino's pizza, & a few other quickie snacks. No birthday themed plates, napkins, or cups. What's my point? Well, after my super-obsessing in the past, I realized my child still enjoyed having a few friends, a cupcake (or two,) and a celebration just for him that was thrown together in 2 hours (that includes pick up and setting up the bounce house!)