Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am planning to make cupcakes for the upcoming baby shower of a dear friend and thought I would practice with my fondant. After baking them, icing the cupcakes, and topping with my fondant "creations" (yeah, I know the pacifier is a little lopsided,) I decided to take a picture and post.

I realized that I have a problem (and we all know admitting it is the first step!) I am constantly inspired to do things. One day I want to paint & redecorate the house, another day I'm going to decorate cakes, another I want to sew my children their own clothes. We won't even discuss the days that I decide I'm going to start exercising each day! The problem with this is that I never really stay with one thing long enough to master it or at least become decent at it. Wonder if I have adult ADHD?

Anyway, new goal for 2009? I'm going to try to stick with something long enough to be good at it!!! But, that will probably change by tomorrow!

PS ---If you think they're even half-way decent, tell me which topper you like best!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mad Skills

Okay, so I'm sure everyone is a little impressed from time to time at the things their child can do, but seriously, isn't there some type of award for a three year old that can use chopsticks on the first try? Wow! Maybe there is hope that he will not be cursed with my lack of coordination.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bitten by the Bookworm

Okay, so if your wondering if I dropped off the planet in the last month, well, rest assurred I didn't. Just been disallusioning myself throughout the holidays by reading the "Twilight" saga that has, apparently, had girls of all ages swooning.

In fact, a friend (and fellow addictee) and I joke about how consuming the reading can be. I found myself staying up 'til the early hours of the morning just to spend more time in my imaginary world.

In this world, no one is sick or crying or needs me to fix them dinner. There are no presents that must be bought or places to be..... Only two things, that seem unimaginably important at the time, exist -- the hero and heroine.

Like other love stories I have read before, I find myself longing for that "butterflies in my tummy" feeling again that dissipates slightly after years of marriage. However, after a little more thought, I realized that I traded in (thankfully!) those butterflies for something that won't disappear so easily. Still having that "can't wait to see you at the end of the workday" feeling after 8 years, now that's true love!

And, really! The hero in the book is constantly concerned with her health. Who is really going to worry that much about your well-being ALL the time? Your mother, that's who! No guy is going to worry that every flinch or bruise might be something more. Only a mother can take the verbal abuse of "I don't like you anymore!" and still adore the little, mad person saying it, all the while wondering if he has a cold!!! In case you hadn't guessed, E's been a little cranky today.

Let me just end by saying that I'm glad I got my love story. I'm thankful that my husband still loves me after stretch marks and pounds that weren't always there, after all my clumsiness, after morning breath and no make-up, and let's not forget any hormone induced ravings. I love you, too. Thanks.